Umbro Team Bag Soccer

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Bin -09-909

Product Overview

Bring players of all ages and levels together through the teamwork of soccer with the Umbro Mesh Ball Bag. The Umbro Mesh Ball Bag is designed with durable 100-percent polyester material that holds up to 10 individual soccer balls, making it a top choice in equipment for coaches and leaders who want to make an effort in uniting their communities through sports. Plus, for ease of access and convenient portability, the Umbro Mesh Ball Bag comes complete with built-in adjustable cords and shoulder straps. Umbro believes in constant self-improvement of the quality of their products and strives to meet the needs of diverse consumers and create thoughtful products that connect with them, allowing every player to feel the power of the game and celebrate authenticity. Experience the heart and soul of soccer with the Umbro Mesh Ball Bag.

Umbro Mesh Ball Bag:
100% polyester ball bag
Holds up to 10 balls at a time
Adjustable cords provide ease of access
Built-in shoulder straps allow for easy portability
Mesh design allows for essential airflow


(No reviews yet) Write a Review